Why do you do this?

I am a promoter for Surrender Nightclub and Encore Beach Club. It's my job to bring people to these venues.

How are you able to get us in for free?

Quite frankly, nightclubs need girls in them. Without girls, guys are not going to come in and spend money.

Can I pass your information on to my friend, sibling, co-worker, etc?

YES! Please do!

What do you do with my information after I give it to you?

I do not sell or give your information out to anyone else without your permission. If you ask me to help you with a differant venue then I will give your information to my contact at that venue and no one else.


What does being on the guestlist do for me?

The guestlist allows you to skip the general admission line and gets ladies in for free during the specified guestlist hours.

Can guys get on the guestlist?

Only if there is a girl for every guy in your party.

Are guys free on the guestlist?

Not usually.

Do we still have to wait in line?

There is usually a short guestlist line where your ID's are checked and you are marked on the guestlist. All girl groups are often grabbed out of line

What do we do when we arrive?

On arrival you'll go to the "Invited Guest" line and you'll let the door guy or gal know that you are on "Nick Partyka's list". I go through a lot of work to do all this for you, so please mention my name!

Bottle Service

What is bottle service?

If you have a little higher budget, or a guy heavy group you might want to consider bottle service. You will have a table (or daybed, canana, etc) in the club where a hot cocktail waitress will pour your drinks as you buy alcohol by the bottle as opposed to by the glass.

Do we still have to pay cover if we do bottle servie?


Is it expensive?

I wouldn't call it cheap. This is Vegas, be prepared to dish out a few bucks.

What is a "minimum spend"?

Tables don't just have a set price tag regardless of group size. There is a minimum spend amount that is determined by how many people are in your group. The more people you have, the more you will have to spend to get a table.